Started Collecting Famicom Cartridges

I just started a new retro collecting obsession…

nes famicom cartridges collection

moar coloarrrrrs!

Famicom cartridges are much more fun, than the standardised grey NES cartridges released in the US and Europe. Even though I have a system to play these Japanese games, my Japanese language skills are not even enough to recognise a “press start” if I see one… …so I’m mainly collecting for the value of the objects themselves.

These babies come in all sorts of colors, so that is definitely a collection criteria. Several publishers produce their own custom cartridges, so there is a ton of shapes as well. Sweet! And there is tons of games that never found their way to the west, where franchises and themes are specific to Japanese culture and popculture. …also cute and fun illustrations.

Looking forward to share my findings.

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  1. Just out of curiosity, have you ever watched the late JewWario’s internet series, “You Can Play This”? It’s all about getting imported Japanese games and being able to play them, even when you don’t know the language. Really great show for starting out in import gaming.

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