Anatomy 360 Reference Dump

3d models and references for concept artists

TEN24 is all about 3D scanning of people and providing 3D models and 3D viewers for reference and stock purposes. Their scans are quite fun, especially when they scan their models in motion, seeing all the muscle deformation in a 3D model is pretty wild.

They have been cool enough to dump a big bunch of free turnarounds based on scans onto their site for artists to use as reference. This is great for model sheets and turnaround design sketches.

You can get the stuff here:
They also sell model packs in their shop:

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  1. Until recently, I thought 3d modeling and character modeling where one in the same. I didn’t realize the amount of “sculpting” that goes into character design. We are building our own game now and having the right people for each aspect of your game is crucial. We are looking for good people if anyone is interested at – this is such a fun project!

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