All you can eat dingbats from dafont dot com

free fonts for game designers is a long cherished resource for fonts, including dingbats. I recommend checking out their stuff. You can use this in documents, as vector stock as a basis for your own art, you can put them into prototypes and mockups.

Please watch out for contributors who just vectorized trademarked logos and characters and such. These fonts are not actually for commercial use, even though they might be labelled “100% free”. They contain graphic material which is not own by the font creator, so the font creator can grant you no rights for them.

Check out their library here:[]=10&l[]=1

free vector graphics for game designers

Please make sure you are filtering for 100% free stuff, so everybody is happy with commercial use.

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  1. rocks and always has fresh content. I also have , and always at the handy as my go to sources :)

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