Halo Series Character Design Showcase

concept art drawing halo series

Impressive and fun combat armor is one of the most iconic aspects of the Halo game series. The games themselves – being xbox exclusives, Masterchief being an Xbox mascot – have often been marketed as system sellers, aiming for the high def AAA look, you wanna advertise when showcasing the graphics capabilities of your system.


Still, much of the concept art is colored linework, not detailed hard surface painting. Why? Hard surface painting is hard, like super hard. Lines get wonky shapes get soft… lines are just super precise, clean and quickly executed.

Often preferred by 3D artists, linework concepts make model sheets easy to read and leave not much room to imagination.

Concept art smarts used:

  • Line drawing instead of painting – clean, precise, fast, easy for details.
  • Symmetry – saves time, helps to design for mainly symmetrical 3D models.
  • Overpainting 3D models – keeps proportions consistent, allows to iterate on previously established designs.
  • 3D model based T-position – quickly done, consistent throughout all angles.

Identified artists:


The following concepts are collected from Halo2, Halo3, Halo4 and Halo:Reach. They have been selected to highlight the concept art smarts used in the production of those titles. Zoom in on anyone.

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