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Dear readers,

it’s finally done. A bit more than two weeks of reworking the site from scratch and howtonotsuckatgamedesign is back. New theme, new structure, plenty new features and posts to kick-off 2016.

Why would you do that?

The site has become too complex, limited and chaotic to maintain. The blog was stagnant – sometimes no post for weeks at a time – while my backlog of shareworthy links, drafts for articles, and gathered material grew bigger and bigger.

Many ideas for posts had no previously established context on the site, so there was no platform to post them. Many formatting methods – iterated and doctored over years – had become finicky to keep track of. And many articles promised big follow-ups, which have been too time consuming to make.

Additionally, the site had too many too angry rant posts for my taste. Back then I was in the mood to let ranting swallow up optimistic and constructive criticism – which was much more about vanity than public service. Those posts have been moved to the archive for those who miss them.

A fresh start was needed.

blogging about game design and art

What’s new?

  • The new theme is clean and easy to maintain, giving the stage to the actual content of the respective games, artists and other works of art in each post.
  • The structure of the site now allows me to post smaller articles and share links and have it make sense in the new topic driven tags system I set up. Check the new home page to see an ever growing collection of handy tag links, hopefully guiding you to the stuff you want to read.
  • I completely ditched the use of div-based formatting, everything is theme-based or solved through handy plugins. Like the new gallery system for example and revised sharebuttons.
  • A selection of related posts below each entry helps readers find related content, while a new revamped sitemap hopefully makes finding specific posts quick and easy.
  • I still offer to give advice to readers about anything related to the subjects discussed on this site, but have moved the form to submit those questions to the standard comment system via a page, so that readers can browse submitted question and find the respective answers.

Is it working?

Yes. I not only managed to restructure the site in my free time during the last two weeks I also added 35 new posts, with plenty of more to come.

I’m optimistic, that the new setup allows me to post much more frequently and freely.

What’s to come next?

The featured tags on the front page will grow in numbers, while individual tags get filled with more posts. I’m hoping to create a creative resource here, where old articles are just as relevant and important as new ones. Think more a collection of useful content rather than a stream.

And I’m working on a podcast thing. I gathered the necessary equipment and will start recording and editing soon, aiming to get as much of the advice responses done in audio form as possible.

Anyways, I’m super grateful for the support in the years before and hope we can continue this learning adventure together this year, full steam ahead.

Cheers, Anjin.

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