online resource usage guide and disclaimer

Dear readers,

on, I share stock content, tools and other resources from allover the web, when I find them useful for my readers. These resources are created and uploaded by people who put a lot of work and money into making the stuff available to you and me. …and I need you to respect that. I also want you to be as safe as possible in terms of usage rights and download safety, but I can only do so much. …so I have to ask you to be thorough.

This means…

  • Do not just go by how I relay their licensing info, I might have missed something. Check out their actual public statements and/or contact them directly for clarification. Licenses may be subject to change, so please check at the source.
  • Also make sure that the download source is actually allowed to provide the resources or that the person offering the resources actually owns them. A lot of people just share stuff they got from somewhere without sourcing it. I try to not share this stuff, but please help to make sure we don’t fall for that.
  • Please consider paying for resources even if the content is also available for free. Donating to the provider or sharing links to the source even though it may not be explicitly demanded, is also very welcome.
  • Please respect the photo models. They are people with feelings and identities, not objects. Make sure to not put their faces on content or exploit their images for purposes that might be considered harmful or derogatory. Be kind.
  • Do not upload the content to your sites or social media profiles directly, as if you created them. Please always link to the original provider, if you feel like sharing it with your community.
  • And finally, please respect that I can not be responsible for the content of extern links. It may be dead, corrupted, hacked or feature unwanted content. I did my best to link only to safe and worthwhile stuff at the time, but I can’t guarantee anything for sites I’m not admin of.

Other than that… have fun and make great things!

Cool? Cool.

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