About MeMy name Anjin Anhut. I am an art director and game designer from Berlin Germany. Also I’m co-founder of my own game company, do freelance work and teach classes in game design and concept art. You can find my work on my portfolio site.

The SiteAs the title implies, howtonotsuckatgamedesign.com is dedicated to making games suck less. Games are an awesome medium, with awesome possibilities and a lot of people are working hard to explore and expand those possibilities. Unfortunately games today suffer from a ton of pediatric diseases.

This site is dedicated to diversity in games and diversity amongst game makers and gamers. This site favors making game creation accessible for everyone, ending discrimination and privileged bullshit, expanding medium possibilities and favors a smart, critical – sometimes slightly snobbish – treatment of games as a legitimate art form.

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  1. Ai

    All the content on the site seems awesome! :D Might take a while to chew on it all, though. Do you have any online classes or video tutorials/step-by-steps on concept art? I’m currently working to get my art & design degree, but sadly in my country concept art and video game design are rather obscure topics.

    1. admin Post author

      Currently looking for a publishing partner for an environmental game. Know someone?

        1. admin Post author

          You are not here to discuss potential publishing ideas. OKay.
          What is your interest in my company? Do you have a project to pitch?

            1. admin Post author

              That’s cool. I still only discuss company matters with people relevant to company business. Sorry.

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