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Visual interest – independent from what designers want to illustrate – is important to guide the viewers attention and is used in game design in a multitude of ways. It provides clarity and readability for gameplay situations, systems and storytelling. Let’s explore how visual interest is generated.

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anita sarkeesian's new video

I’m not sure if calling this article a response to what Anita Sarkeesian has put out so far would be accurate. Response carries a ton of connotations, which all scream rebuttal or opposing commentary. Responding to a Sarkeesian video in most cases means, trying to correct it.

I’m no longer pretending to see an issue with people who fight for a cause that I share, when there is none. We need Sarkeesian and people like her. We need to make public discourse as supportive and safe for women who speak up as possible. … read more.

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cosplay by Stella Chuu cosplay photographed by madcatdrannon.deviantart.com cosplay by Stella Chuu / cosplay photographed by madcatdrannon.deviantart.com / illustration © Namco

When it comes to criticism on matters of representation – gender representation or race representation or any other group – It’s important and kinda tricky to make sure, we do not debate the real life people and their choices, but keep the focus on the representations of them in media.

It’s more complicated, than one might think. …here is why and how.

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gta5 sexism misogyny satire

If you dismiss feminist game criticism by claiming that the critic fails to recognize satire/irony/parody, then YOU are the one not getting it. Why any attempt to silence criticism by using the satire defense is doomed to fail. …read more.

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bioshock infinite white privilege racism

I really have trouble seeing how everyone involved completely missed out on the fact that they produced a play about white guilt and reverse racism with a white entitled protagonists who gets to be the shining hero and the true victim. …read more.

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gears of war and genocide
Gears Of War And Genocide:
The iconography, cultural references and the similarity between events in the trilogy and real life turn Gears of War into an allegory for the United States of America and its wars. Considering the political context, this – made in America – shooter title has a really disturbing ending with disturbing implications.
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game design and concept art tutorials and theory

Here are many of the articles from the previous version of howtonotsuckatgamedesign.com available as PDF downloads. Much of the content from these PDFs will be revisited and republished in the new format.

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