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Hey, if you appreciate what I’m doing here and found the information provided useful, please consider supporting my work with a small monetary donation or by donating media to the research library.

This blog is run be me on my own expenses and any small tip or other donation goes a long way in making my work on sustainable.

Here are the ways, you can support this site:

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Becoming a Patron
Patreon allows you to support this site with a monetary donation on a regular basis. Free, easy and with exclusive access to patreon-only content. GO!

Individual Donation
Please, consider tipping the blog monkey.

Amazon Wish List
Being able to write about art and media is dependent on access to art and media. Please help up with a donation via my wishlist. GO!

Used Games
You are looking for a loving new home for your used games and gaming hardware? PC, console, retro, current? I will adopt and don’t care about missing packages or manuals, even those bonus discs from magazines will find a new family here. (Please, contact me before sending stuff.)

Print Media
Books on games, film, comic, illustration and toys. Old, new, damaged, doesn’t matter. Also related magazines, game guides, comic books, manga, game manuals, trading cards. (Please, contact me before sending stuff.)

Toys & Physical Games
Construction toys, action figures, collectibles, board games. Even incomplete boxes and sets are very much appreciated. (Please, contact me before sending stuff.)

Please note: If you consider donating physical things, please be aware that I reside in Germany. So that might not be a feasible solution for people in the United States for example.

What happens with your donation?

Any small monetary donation helps me to do more here or at least have a drink on you while doing it. ;) But seriously, running this blog takes a lot of time out of my week and for a freelancer like me, that is actually really expensive. So, a small tip is amongst the most effective ways to allow me to keep pushing more content out.

Any media donation will be added to the research library, which feeds the content on this blog as well as serving as physical reference material for the classes I give. Access to media is invaluable and especially older media, as it allows us to put current productions and our own work into perspective. The same goes for any physical object, though parts of toys and games may be used for photo opportunities and physical prototyping as well.

Alright, that only leaves me to say:

Thanks so much!

Anjin Anhut