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80minutes Doomguy Concept Art Process

concept art process gif doom

Here is another 80minutes concept painting I did as a warm up before contract work.

You can find a step-by-step gif below and a dirty secret image of the raw photobashed gun design.

doom guy concept art doom

Concept art smarts used:

  • Photobashing for quick prop/weapon ideation.
  • Bashing of stock 3D assets to quickly add greebles.
  • Color picker used on original art to get proper palette.
  • “Selective Color” adjustment for quick color correction.

As most of my exercises are done, this concept was time boxed. Meaning I limited my time to max 90minutes to finish this piece, prioritizing completion over execution. You can see it in the often rough details and brutal photobashing contained in the design. Since this was fan art I also had official Doom art ready as reference and as color palette to raid with Photoshops color picker tool.

Here is how the photobashing of the weapon looks like without overpainting and color correction, using bought pre-rendered 3D and photo stock images:

weapon design concept art tutorial

And here is the step-by-step gif (>1mb, so please be patient on slower lines):

character design process gif doom marine

Til next time. Cheers.

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