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Key art is often used for pitches and funding campaigns, as well as a benchmark for artists and creators during production. Key art usually shows important characters in important locations doing important things and can range from black and white sketches and speed paintings to finalized production art.

Key art is often also referred to as mood board, production art, promo art, mock up or target concept.

What Murdered – Soul Suspect could have been…

Early gothic horror concept art for Murdered – Soul Suspect. The game became much smaller than what these concepts have been exploring, so the mind wanders, what the game could have been. The artist is Yuki Matsuzawa. Scroll down for images: Source: http://eu.square-enix.com/en/blog/exploring-beautiful-concept-art-murdered-soul-suspect

target concepts – Overwatch

A nice comparison shot between the early concept works to capture the feel of the map (inspirational concept) and then later some iterations of the visual target (how it was meant to actually look in the game and cinematics). via