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“a toy is an object designed to be played with” definition via

Showcase of how toy makers work, plus how toy mechanics and themes influence games.

All You Can Glue Paper Arcades

Here are plenty of paper craft templates for arcade cabinets for your paper crafting urges. With a bit of work you can create your own cabinets based on these templates. Have fun. Dookie-Poo Get the printable hiRes via. Scott C. for IAM8BIT!! More on Scott's site via. Wreck-It Ralph Various...

Kotobukiya – Mogwai Playing Donkey Kong

Check out this gorgeous figure by Kotobukiya. What makes this Gremlins collectible special is the unlicensed knock-off replica of a Donkey Kong machine. Hilarious copyright avoiding cabinet art ahead. Iconic Shot Kotobukiya focusses on giving us iconic shots from the 1984 Gremlins movie. Every figure gets a unique prop related...