Site Policy

Comments and Safe Space Policy

The site frequently features articles, which are of a political nature. Games are culture and every culture is political.

I’m a feminist, against racism, homophobia and transphobia, against classism and ableism. My views inform how I play and value games. This is reflected in how I write about games and game making. I also believe that my site should be a safe space for productive discussions about those subjects without harassment, hate speech or any other harm to readers of this blog.

This means comments on are moderated, all of them. I welcome challenges and can tolerate some anger towards me, but this house has rules. Your comment may or may not be approved for publication or they will be edited (which is always publicly visible). Sometimes you just will be warned. My call.

Here are some quick dos and donts:

  • Never use homophobic, sexist, racist, ableist, classist or transphobic slurs, neither casually nor with the intend to insult others.
  • Don’t insult or threaten other commenters. Just stay classy. You can insult me, if you need to let off some steam, though.
  • Stay on topic and don’t derail conversations.
  • No kitchen sink criticism. Nobody wants to respond to a laundry list of objections. Please demonstrate good judgement and be concise. Pick maybe 1-3 major objections and let’s discuss those.
  • No links to harmful sites, to spam, data fising sites, malware, pornography or hate speech sites. If the URL seems fishy to me, the link will be removed without even me checking it out, sorry.

If you want to write your own unedited reponse to an article, free of moderation and constrains… you are free to use the many many platforms available to you on web 2.0 and social media.