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+16GB of High Quality SoundFX, Free, Commercial License
180.000+ public domain images at NYPL
2400 NASA images
3.5hrs Beginner's Guide To UNITY
30min Demon Knight Sketch
500+ Images of DARPA Robotics Challenge
80minutes Doomguy Concept Art Process
All you can eat dingbats from dafont dot com
All You Can Glue Paper Arcades
Amazingly Off-Model Super Mario Cufflinks
Anatomy 360 Reference Dump
Arcade Manuals
Art Direction Analysis of Arkham City, 60+Pages PDF
Art Style Atoms
Ask for advice
Beyond Fantasy – Gender Performance & Games
Bioshock & Tamara De Lempicka
Bioshock Infinite Privilege
Character Surfacing
class demos in 60 minutes
coffee monday
Color Theory For Game Design 1 of 4 – Fundamentals
Color Theory For Game Design 2 of 4 – Glyphs And Neutrals
Creators Batch
Croquis Cafe Photo Archive
DB16 Palette
Don't make me use Post-Its
Doom Pixel Demake
Featured Artists: Junkboy
Featured Mag: Offworld
Finally Caveat Free – on Feminist Frequency
Frankenstein's Monster Concept Walkthrough
Friedrich Romanticism and Games
From Mickey Mouse To Megaman – A Timeline
From Rapture to Dubai
From the Archives – Game and Swatch Part 1 and 2
Full Metal Planet – Are High Moon's Cybertron Games Anti-War?
Gears Of War And Genocide
Generating And Guiding Visual Interest
Gesture Drawings by Gestureworks
Gothic Horror
Halo Series Character Design Showcase
Handy free 3D model editor – Meshlab
HD Doom Sprites Thread
How About Pricing for Freelance Work?
How About Working Remotely As A Game Artists?
How Old Is Too Old For A Rookie Concept Artist?
How to Build Your Portfolio?
How To Tackle Character Design For 2D Games?
I Feel Abraham Lincoln Fighting Game
I Gave Classes On The History Of Video Games
Jason Mercado Pixelart Palette
Kid's Toy Color Palette
Kotobukiya – Mogwai Playing Donkey Kong
Latest Posts
Let's Get Real About Concept Art
lived3D random level generation
LoSpec Pixel 3D Tool: Crocotile3D
Magicka Voxel Editor
Magnetic Articulation Kirby
Metal Gear Solid in Unreal Engine 4
mjramun stock – Free People Stock Photos
Most popular game engine for jams?
New Site, New Posts, Ready To Go...
Nina Kiel – Gender In Games
Nintendo – Super Mario Hanafuda Cards
One to watch: Bulo Studio's Shmup Creator
online resource usage guide and disclaimer
Orwellian Environment Design in Arkham City
Orwellian Images
Overwatch's Torbjörn Guide
Paul Richards Concept Art Lectures Galore
Paul Richards said...
PDF Repository
Photo Blog
Photobash Dot Org – stock images galore
PLAY13 Exhibition Interfaces
Press X to make sandwich – A complete guide to gender design in games
Process Gif for Spacemarine Commission
Publishing platforms for small scope games
Site Policy
Specialized Game Sound Synth BFXR
Started Collecting Famicom Cartridges
Stompable Glockenspiel
Stylized Realism
Super Mario AAA Concept Process
Support the site
Surrealism and Games
Sweet Voxel Scene
target concepts – Overwatch
Textures dot com
The Autonomy Question
The Pico8 Palette
The Politics Of Girls Drawing Manga
Tilting guntroller for Gun Godz
Twisty-Ties RPG Miniatures
Under Construction
Video: 90min Locust Fan Sketch
Virtua Fighter Action Figure Prototype
What Languages Should You Learn?
What Murdered – Soul Suspect could have been...
What to learn to become a concept artists?
Why Marketers Fear The Female Geek
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