game engines

“A game engine is a software framework designed for the creation and development of video games. Developers use them to create games for consoles, mobile devices and personal computers.” definition via

Commercially available and free game engines and other system to make games, other interactive media and digital prototypes.

One to watch: Bulo Studio’s Shmup Creator


Oh, sweet! Specialized game dev tools FTW!

Still in development, Shmup Creator by Bulo Studio, looks really promising with tons of editing options for 2D and 3D assets based shmups. In the end it always comes down to how well one can incorporate self-made content and what the publishing options of the creator will be.

Anyways, I’ll be keeping an eye out, always looking for to the point tools and systems. Here are impressions from the twitter feed:

make bullet hell games

bulo studio's shmup creator shoot em up creation software

game engine for shoot em ups shmups

For more, visit:

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The Pico8 Palette

Pico8 is a very popular super lo-spec game engine, which I can really recommend for you to play around with and build fun stuff. It features a distinctive color palette and here are a few artists and developers playing around with it and building upon it.

pixel art color palette


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3.5hrs Beginner’s Guide To UNITY

unity beginner guide crash course for dummies

Okay, so a couple of months ago I was a total newbie when it comes to working with Unity. Never did anything in it… I worked with a lot of people wielding the engine, but never did it myself. And then I got together with Martin Nerurkar and he gave me a one-on-one 3.5 hour crash course.

Now I know how to build scenes, how implement objects, collisions, characters, cameras, GUIs, animation, how to draw terrain, how to script, add effects and sound… and even more. The cool thing: We did this via google hangouts,…

…and recorded everything, so you can work along with me and get a grip on how to use Unity.

Check it out:
(BTW, I recommend putting on some of your favorite smooth jazz while watching it. )

Also jump over to Martin Nerurkar’s stuff, he is quite a great resource for cool games and tutorials.


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