Any other way to support HTNSAGD except PayPal?

Hello there! Long-time reader and admirer here, just wanted to ask if there's perhaps a way to support this page without the usage of PayPal (or services that are based on paypal listings). Anyway, I simply can't thank you enough for keeping the important topics covered and speaking for those of us who are not loud enough to be heard. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to aid the good fight in a better manner, but for the moment, I'll keep spreading the word through social media and shaking my fist at the monitor whenever someone disagrees. Much love, Mili (letejono)
Hey, much love back! Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I've been thinking about creating an amazon wishlist thing for people who wanna support me or something similar. I probably have to get onto that, since I get a few – not many but some – requests by people who are not using paypal to give them a venue to return something. As for now I'm super happy with your encouraging words and I think spreading the world is a substantial thing to do in the good fight to change culture. So keep at it. ;)

Nina Kiel – Gender In Games

Nina Kiel Gender In Games Nina Kiel wrote her bachelor thesis tackling gender in games. And now it's a book. And I'm excited to be in it along with good company from other voices on the issue. Look at that damn near perfect cover for the whole thing and make sure to check out Nina's other work on her tumblr. Also make sure to follow her on twitter or tumblr, so you get notified once the book is available for purchase or preorder.

User Post – Did you play The Stanley Parable?

hey, i read and loved your rapture-to-dubai post. I was wondering if you've played the stanley parable and what you thought of it. it raises some similar issues, although without all the killing -Fen Nope, not yet. On the list though. I have spoiled the first hour from watching letsplays. Tip: This would work better as a comment under the very rapture-to-dubai article you mentioned. Cheers.

User Post – Paul Richards said…

Concept artist of the Darksiders series Paul Richards said:
Anjin, Thanks for mentioning me in your "Let's Get Real About Concept Art" post.  Though I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to certain methods, I appreciated being used as an example of what I believe to be a utilitarian but nonetheless valuable aspect of production. -Paul Richards
My reply:
Hey, Paul! Thanks for your comment on Let’s Get Real About Concept Art. I specifically picked you as an example for a concept artist who knows how to draw and draws a lot. While other samples were picked to show the more photoshoppish side of concept art. What I appreciate about your portfolio is that you share even really rough sketches and all tons of work that go into finding just the right design, not just the really polished later pieces. It's a valuable insight into the creative process and your stuff finds its way into reference lists and slideshow for my students in my concept art classes. Cheers, Anjin
The art books of Darksiders 1 & 2 are treasure troves of process sketches and actual development work for design, which I wholeheartedly recommend for all my readers here. And a quick look over to Richards' portfolio is recommended as well.