Any other way to support HTNSAGD except PayPal?

Hello there! Long-time reader and admirer here, just wanted to ask if there's perhaps a way to support this page without the usage of PayPal (or services that are based on paypal listings). Anyway, I simply can't thank you enough for keeping the important topics covered and speaking for those of us who are not loud enough to be heard. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to aid the good fight in a better manner, but for the moment, I'll keep spreading the word through social media and shaking my fist at the monitor whenever someone disagrees. Much love, Mili (letejono)
Hey, much love back! Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I've been thinking about creating an amazon wishlist thing for people who wanna support me or something similar. I probably have to get onto that, since I get a few – not many but some – requests by people who are not using paypal to give them a venue to return something. As for now I'm super happy with your encouraging words and I think spreading the world is a substantial thing to do in the good fight to change culture. So keep at it. ;)