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This will be out soon:

Nina Kiel Gender In Games

Nina Kiel wrote her bachelor thesis tackling gender in games. And now it’s a book. And I’m excited to be in it along with good company from other voices on the issue. Look at that damn near perfect cover for the whole thing and make sure to check out Nina’s other work on her tumblr.

Also make sure to follow her on twitter or tumblr, so you get notified once the book is available for purchase or preorder.


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concept art tutorials

After my post Let’s get Real About Concept Art from early february Paul Richards – concept artist on the Darksiders series and Halo 4 – pointed me to a tutorial he posted on his blog. Browsing through his site revealed he released quite a few tutorials already… and damn, so much great advice, all with easy to understand samples, nicely structured, step by step.

He focusses on designing with a pen – from drawing basics to complex rendering and construction. The full package for beginners and even seasoned artist will snatch some goodies there as well. Here is a small digest in recommended reading order… …read more.

just some resources for my students for today’s lecture



Trees0020_M…read all.


anjin anhut comments
Due to recent events which triggered a series of events involving a camel, a straw and a broken back, I have to change a couple of things in regards to how I deal with comments and online debates. I kind of regret having to do this, but I hope it will create opportunity for more productive conversations and allow me to focus more on putting stuff out there.

Read more…

With a week of delay, I’m starting to get commissions done. Pushing hard to finish all commissions this weekend. Cheers. This is the first one, $40 commission of Ratchet from the Ratchet and Clank series:

concept art by anjin anhut

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Free Unity Course

Hey, everybody. Tomorrow Martin Nerurkar from Sharkbomb Studios and I are going to host a 4 hour crash course introduction thingy for game development in Unity. It’s free and available worldwide through google hangout.

The time is 14:00h in Berlin Germany – here is your local time, if you are from a different zone: [link]

Check out Sharkbomb’s google+ [link] or youtube [link] page to join.

The format is simple: I don’t have worked with Unity yet, Martin has – a lot. So he is going to walk me through the fist steps, I get to ask noobie questions and you are invited to join us via stream. Everything will be recorded as well for later views.

On a later date – to be announced – I we will stream a free introduction to art direction in games, so stay tuned for this as well.



GameDev Umeå Sweden Conference
I’m very excited to be able to make the following announcement:

From Sweden or in the region? Catch me and Robin Hunicke speaking at this year’s GameDev in Umeå on february 25th! Check the GameDev Umeå homepage to see more speakers and snatch your tickets!

Would love to meet up!

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The public perception of what concept art means is severely skewed.

While I have to accept that people broadly label art created for games and films concept art, including promotional illustrations, it is necessary to get real about what concept art as a craft actually is.

If you are a newcomer artists or a student trying to get into concept art, you should read this article. It might clear up some things. …read more.

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Announcements for the sequel to the popular Rapture-centric DLC to Bioshock Infinite are making the rounds again, including the key visual painting from the first instalment of Burial At Sea. I felt this is a good occasion to talk to you about Tamara de Lempicka and her influence on the Bioshock series. …read more.



I recently started asking my students for links to their portfolios and permission to share them here. The links below include current students and former students.

Here is the another batch. See more…

I’m really sorry.

The announced unity crash course to morrow will be moved to a later date (date tba), because of technical difficulties.

Yesterday on thursday my phone line stopped working and so far the phone company was not able to send a technichian. I got WLAN from a generous neighbour, but it’s too spotty and weak to sustain the stream tomorrow.

I’ll keep you updated with news. Martin and I are still doing this in the near future.