physical prototyping

“Physical Prototyping is the process of making a physical representation of an idea. Early in the process physical prototypes can be made of all kinds of materials. Physical prototypes allow the designer and users to interact with the idea.” definition via

How to make physical prototypes for digital games and interactive media.

Twisty-Ties RPG Miniatures

Forum user ionustron shares his collection of self-made RPG tabletop miniatures – ranging from factions. to individual fighters, monsters and even space ships – and also gives a bit of insight into his process. All in this 2011 forum post.

Here are a few excerpts:



self made miniatures
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All You Can Glue Paper Arcades

paper toys arcade cabinet

Here are plenty of paper craft templates for arcade cabinets for your paper crafting urges. With a bit of work you can create your own cabinets based on these templates. Have fun.


Get the printable hiRes via.

arcade cabinet papercraft

Scott C. for IAM8BIT!!

More on Scott’s site via.


paper craft game arcade



Wreck-It Ralph

Various paper craft projects as printable PDFs from the official disney site via.

paper arcade templates

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